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These are the Most Frequently Asked Questions
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The Marriage Encounter Weekend is a Love and Work Weekend … a very special Spiritual Enrichment weekend for married couples whose objective is to deepen the couple’s intimacy with one another and God.

“Marriage Encounter” is a literal translation of the Spanish title “Encuentro Conjugal.” The verb “encontrar” means “to find” or “to discover.” Therefore, the MEFM Weekend is a marriage discovery weekend, wherein through learned communication techniques, spouses examine their relationship together in a new and positive way, as they come to know and re-discover one another unlike ever before.
The MEFM Weekend is for married couples who desire a more meaningful and fruitful relationship and believe this relationship of theirs can be enhanced and improved. The participating couple’s open mindedness and willingness to explore the deep recesses of their hearts open the door to the biggest room in the world – the room for improvement.
The Presenting Team leads and guides the participating couples by sharing communication techniques, which allow the couples to explore important areas of their relationship in the spirit of love and understanding. By continuing to apply these newly acquired techniques, Husbands and Wives grow close together, living more joyful and purposeful lives. Our community of encountered couples stimulates an environment of growth and support through our commonality of values.
Presentations are given by a coordinated team of married couples and a Deacon or Lay Moderator. Each presentation allows the attending couples a rare opportunity to look at themselves as individuals, their marriage and relationship to one another and, finally, to examine their relationship with God and the world. The Weekend normally starts on Friday evenings at 7:00 pm and concludes on Sunday at around 5:00 pm.
Absolutely! The Weekend’s orientation is strictly geared to each individual couple. Participating couples concentrate on their spouses intently and become hardly aware other couples are present. Presentations are given to the group as a whole. After each presentation, Husband and Wife are given ample time for Personal Discussion, in their own privacy.
God leads the way during this spiritual weekend. All married couples, regardless of race, culture, tradition or religious background are welcome to attend, with the understanding that the weekend is conducted by a Catholic Deacon and presented based upon the basic teachings and practices of the Catholic Church.
The weekend seminar costs $300 per couple to cover lodging, meals and materials. However, no couple shall be denied the opportunity to attend a Marriage Encounter Weekend due to financial difficulties. In this case, contact your Referring Couple for details on working this out. Click here for the latest 2013 registration form.